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First Congregational Church of Corona
Welcome to
Congregational Church
of Corona.

Please join us for services at
809 S. Ramona Ave.,
Corona, CA

For more information, please call our church office at

"That they may all be one" (John 17:21).
   Directions To The Church
Corona's First Church - First in Fellowship and Friends
We are Corona’s very 1st church, established in 1887.
We are a warm group of people of all ages with varied backgrounds that come together to share our friendship, our talents and our gifts.
Come be a part of our congregation and worship with us in a traditional church service with wonderful music. A great choir, sometimes a handbell choir and a real pipe organ! A beautiful site for a wedding.
The beautiful stained glass windows will inspire you.
Experience a friendly congregation and grow with us together in faith.
Would you like to share something with our Pastor? Or do you have a confidential request, or need a prayer?
View our Wedding Page for information on renting our beautiful facilities for your wedding or special event.
Service Times

Worship Service 10:00am
Sunday School for Nursery through Youth 10:00am
Choir Practice 7:30pm

Click Below to View Our Calendar
to see a complete


Travis County Restoration donated their services when the bathroom flooded last summer. If you need a water damage company, please support them..

Brother Kevin's son with Wichita Falls Roofing helped us to get a price quote on the replacement roof for the fellowship hall. Even from across the country, we appreciate his help in negotiating better prices. You can go here to learn more about his roof contractor company.